Comcast Bulk Services Installation  1-800-XFINITY (934-6489)

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Hunters Ridge Golf and Country Club ~ 28400 Hunters Ridge Blvd ~ Bonita Springs, FL ~ 34135 ~ Admin 239-992-4900 ~ Security 239-992-7691

The entire Hunters Ridge community is part of a bulk agreement with Comcast/Xfinity. The cost of the bulk agreement is part of each homesites quarterly maintenance fees. A bulk agreement provides a package of services from Comcast/Xfinity for an agreed upon price, in this case, for seven years. If you have any questions, please contact the Administration Office at 239-992-4900.

Question: How do I get my new equipment?

Answer: Call Comcast at 800-934-6489.

Question:  Is there an installation fee?

Answer: There will be a $60 installation fee.

Question:  What number do I call for help or if I have a problem?

Answer: 1-800-934-6489 for installation, progam changes or service related issues.

Question: Can a unit owner and a renter have a separate account for additional Comcast services other than those included in the bulk agreement?

Answer: Yes. Comcast has a system in place to allow more than one account at a specific address.

Question: What is included in the bulk agreement?

Answer: Our bulk agreement package is for the X1 Platform. It includes: Extreme 105 Wireless Internet Service and Router, high definition cable service with four DVR cable boxes that you can record to or view from any of the boxes and four voice activated remote controls. Our channel package is the Limited Basic plus the Digital Starter Package with access to on-demand, and all taxes and fees for these items. Please click on this link for an overview of included equipment: Included Equipment

Question: Are there training classes on the new TV service and equipment?

Answer: Yes, Comcast will have classes, informational meetings, question and answer sessions, etc. We will let you know when they are scheduled.

Question: How do I add extra features or programing to my account?

Answer: Call Comcast directly at 1-800-934-6489.

Question:  What information do I need to have before I call to set up my installation?

Answer: Please click on this link: Comcast Installation Information

Question: Do we have an account specialist from Comcast assigned to our community?

Answer: Not at this time.

Question: How do I pay for Comcast services?

Answer: The cost for the community bulk agreement is part of your quarterly maintenance fees. Comcast will bill you directly for services outside the scope of our bulk agreement such as phone and premium channels.

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