Hunters Ridge Security


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Security Information:

We use an RFID tag system for entry into the community by members and annual tennants.
Please stop by the Administration Office or click this link RFID Vehicle Information Form to get an RFID Vehicle Information Form to fill out so that you may purchase your RFID tag and/or Key Fob. At this time, only Members and Annual (12 month) Tennants may receive an RFID Tag for their vehicle.
Please bring your vehicle registration form with you for verification. Key Fobs are $25.00. RFID Tags are $10.00 for homeowners and $25.00 for tennants. Tennants need to bring cash or a check with you and members RFID Tags/Key Fobs will be billed to their club account.

We have two entry points into our Community. Our main Security Gate on Hunters Ridge Blvd. is manned 24 hours a day/seven days a week. Those who have RFID Tags (barcodes) installed on their vehicles may use the right (outside) lane for entry into the community. All guests, friends, family, vendors, etc., must use the left (inside) lane and show proper identification to the security guards for entry into the community..

The entry gate on Bonita Grande Drive is unmanned and is only usable by those with an RFID Tag on their vehicle. This gate is shut down daily from 9:00pm to 6:00am. All vehicles must use the main Security Gate entrance during that time.
All of us must take an active role in making our security the best it can be. If you notice anything unusual, please call the Security Guardhouse immediately. In an on-going effort to keep Hunters Ridge safe and secure, please review the following rules and regulations:

Regular Guests & Service Providers
- Guests and Service providers who frequently come into the community may be permitted entry into Hunters Ridge without receiving prior telephone notification to our security guards by filling out a Security Information Form and list those guests and service providers who are permitted entry. Please return the form to the Club Administration Office or to the Security Guard House at your earliest convenience.  Please know that every non resident must show a photo ID to gain entry. This also included those on your Security Information Form, so please let those individuals know accordingly. Please click on the link to print a copy of the form:  Security Information Form

Occasional Guests and One-time Service Providers -
Call the Security Guardhouse and inform the guards when you have a guest or service provider arriving. If they arrive and  the security guards have not been properly advised of such, the security guards will call your residence to seek permission to allow entry. Please know that if the guards cannot make contact with you to obtain permission to allow entry, they will not be allowed to enter the community.

  • Every visitor/non-resident automobile must have a Hunters Ridge pass displayed on the windshield at all times.
  • Please remember that no vehicles are to be parked on the roadways, at any time, throughout the entire Hunters Ridge development.
  • Please obey all posted speed limits within the community.