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Archived Committee Minutes

ARC Meetings are held the third Tuesday of every month,
unless otherwise noted. Next meeting will be Tuesday, February 19, 2019 at 3:00pm in the Main Dining Room.

Architectural Review Committee (ARC)

Board Rep – Joanne Schoen

Board Rep – Don Wirsbinski

Don Redford – Co-Chair

David Malenfant – Co-Chair

Susan Tinkel

Jim Scott

Kathryn Perlman

ARC Minutes 01-03-2018
ARC Minutes 02-28-2018
ARC Minutes 03-20-2018
ARC Minutes 04-17-2018
ARC Minutes 05-15-2018
ARC Minutes 07-03-2018
ARC Minutes, 08-21-2018
ARC Minutes, 10-29-2018
ARC Minutes 12-18-2018
ARC Minutes 1-22-2019

Common Area Beautification Committee

and Christmas Decoration Committee

Board Rep – Lorrie Holly

Board Rep – Fred Forbes

Elaine Perrotta – Chair

Tish Tucker

Karen Lazar

Rosemarie DeCoste

Joyce Zimmer

Diane Simon

Gail Gray

Wendy Warren

Diane Bell

Beautification Meeting March 15, 2017
Beautification Meeting April 19, 2017
Beautification Meeting Oct. 23, 2017
Beautification April 19, 2018
Beautification Sept 26, 2018
Beautification October 24, 2018

External Affairs Committee
Board Representative - Fred Forbes
race trac update 1
race trac update 2
race trac update 3
External Affairs E-blast Dec 2016


Fishing Committee

Board Rep – Keith Glover

Chuck Ingersoll – Co-Chair

Frank Cassise – Co-Chair


Golf Committee

Board Rep – Don Wirsbinski

Board Rep – Lorrie Holly

Ron Parmiter – Chair

Norman Petelik

Merrill Kratz

Andy Rogalski

Lou Seria

Pat Van Notti

Shelly Schilling

Golf Committee Minutes 01-22-18
Golf Committee Minutes 05-09-2018
House Committee

Board Rep – Dick DeCoste

Jack Luther – Chair

Marie Thomas – Co-Chair

David Rueff

Carol Priore

Ray Townsend

Barry Pickell


House Committee Minutes 04-05-17

House Committee Minutes 11-17-17

House Committee Minutes 03-07-18

House Committee Minutes 04-20-18

2014 Food and Beverage Survey Results

Long Range Planning
Finance Committee

Board Rep – Dick DeCoste

Board Rep – Keith Glover

Jim Sido – Chair

Jim Zimmer – Vice Chair

Joe Fitzgerald

Doug Gray

David Malenfant

Gary Freels

Chuck Ingersoll

Alan Alsop

Resale Capital Assessment Packet
Capital Planning Survey - Results
Finance & Long Range Planning Committee 02-13-17 Minutes
Finance & Long Range Planning Committee 03-06-17 Minutes
Finance & Long Range Planning Committee Minutes 04_10_2018

Membership Committee

Board Rep – Keith Glover

Desmond Leen – Chair

Flo Alexander

Lale Lewis

Cy Ing

Michelle Uselding

Membership Committee Meeting 03-16-15

Social Committee

Board Rep – Fred Forbes

John Simoncini – Co-Chair

Marie Thomas – Co-Chair

Jackie Gannucci

Colleen Carter

Norman Petelik

Jo Anne Lewis

Social Committee Meeting 12-04-17
Social Committee Minutes 03-21-18
Social Committee Meeting 04-25-18
Social Committee Meeting 10-23-18
Safety Committee

Board Rep – Joanne Schoen

Nancy Sido – Chair

Desmond Leen

Jo Anne Lewis

Bob Walters

Sandy Crossfield

HR Safety Cmte MINUTES 3.15.18
2014 safety survey

Tennis/Pickleball Committee

Board Rep –

Peg Long – Co-Chair

Tom O’Malley – Co-Chair

Duane Freier

Lois Dixon

Vern Alexander

David Wells

Paula Ferrone

Randy Kaminsky

Villa North

Board Rep – Dick DeCoste

David Malenfant – Chair

Steve Curtis

Paul Beloin

Nancy Sido

Bill Long

Barry Pickell


Annual Meeting - 2018 - North Villa Information
North Villa Committee - 23 November 2018

Villa South Committee

Board Rep –

Ed Mueger – Chair

Arnie Jansen

Suzanne Low

Vern Alexander

Lale Lewis

Kathleen Radcliffe

Andrew Cascarano

Liz Glosser

Reserve Funding Ballot 2019 - South Villas.pdf

Special/Limited Duty Committees**

Election Committee

 **Reports to President

Chairperson - David Malenfant

Flo Alexander

Lale Lewis

Cable Subcommittee TV, Internet and Phone Bulk Contract

Dick DeCoste, Jim Sido, Tom Ralston, Bob Walters, Frank Caldwell, Fred Forbes, Don Huprich

Please click on the below link to access the results of the 2014 Cable Survey:

Please click on the below link to access the RFT (Request for Proposal) that was sent to the following service providers:

Century Link, Comcast, Dish, Hotwire and Litestream

RFP Cable Providers

July 2015 Survey Links for Cable Provider

2015 Survey Vendor Analysis Information







Pheasant Hollow 2019 Annual Meeting - 02-07-2019

Grand Pines Annual Meeting 2-13-19.pdf